The Archives

How to Access the Archives

The Historical Society of Palm Beach County has an extensive archives and artifact collection. With over one million photographs, hundreds of postcards, architectural drawings, manuscripts, diaries, and maps available for study, the Historical Society is a valuable source of primary and secondary sources for anyone interested in Palm Beach County’s history. The images can also be reproduced for private, business or educational use.

Conducting research at the Historical Society of Palm Beach County is coordinated through Debi Murray, Chief Curator. Requests must be arranged in advance, and are by appointment only. The research department also fields requests via phone, fax, letter, and email. The staff will make every effort to respond to your request within 72 hours, but please be patient. Below are the answers to common questions about conducting research through the archives.

How do I contact the Archivist at the Historical Society?

The Historical Society archives can be reached in any of the following ways:

Email: Click here to email the Archive

Phone: (561) 832-4164 ext. 303

Fax: (561) 832-7965

Mail: Archives
Historical Society of Palm Beach County
P.O. Box 4364
West Palm Beach, Florida 33402

What type of response should I expect to my request?

Archives staff will evaluate your request by doing a preliminary search. If there is an abundance of material, staff may recommend that you make a research appointment to work on-site with the collections. If there is no available material, you will be notified of that fact.

When are appointments available?

Appointments are usually available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, between the hours of 10:00 AM and 3:00PM. Due to limited space, appointments must be booked in advance. We can not accommodate walk-in requests for research. If more than one person will be in the research party, advanced notice is appreciated so proper space may be allocated. You may bring laptop computers, but be prepared to shift to battery back-up in case outlets are unavailable.

Are there any fees for research or appointments?

Research on site is free to members but there is an archives fee of $20 per day for non-members.  Photocopies can be made of items in good condition. If you are unable to visit the archives in person, research can be conducted by staff or by volunteers. When time is of the essence and staff is required to conduct the research and to either write a report or make copies of relevant materials, the fee is $50 per hour. Otherwise, the fee is $25 per hour. Photocopies up to 8-1/2” by 14” are .25 cents per sheet, for black and white and .50 per sheet for color, 11” x 17” copies are .50 per sheet for black and white and $1 per sheet for color. Mailing fees are extra. Payment must be arranged in advance.

Can photographic reproductions be made from documents and photographs?

Yes. The type of use must be specified on the Society’s “Application for Permission” form. Conditions governing use are specified in that contractual agreement, which must be signed by the user and a representative of the Historical Society.



Fees & Charges

The Historical Society of Palm Beach County offers a variety of options for the reproduction of photographs, postcards, architectural drawings, film, and other images from its collections.

The type of use must be specified on the Society’s “Request for Reproductions” form. Conditions governing use are specified in that contractual agreement, which must be signed by the user and a representative of the Historical Society.

A copy of the final product containing the reproduction(s) is to be sent to the Historical Society. In addition, any use of an image from the Society’s collection must contain the following credit line at image:

“Courtesy Historical Society of Palm Beach County.”

Charges for reproductions include two elements:

  1. A one-time use fee for the reproduction.
  2. The charge for producing the reproduction.

The charge for reproduction and the use fee are added together for the total charges due. All charges must be paid in full at the time an order is placed.

Orders typically require 7 – 10 days for completion.

Archive fee is $20 for non-members. Members also receive a 10% discount on Use Fees.


Use Fees

Home Display/Study: Includes personal, in-home use. – $20 per image.

Editorial Use: Includes books, periodicals, educational films and video productions, and other published works, public use in school classrooms or courtrooms;
Non-profit organizations–$25; Commercial–$75 per image.

Public Display & Exhibit: Includes use in offices, restaurants, and other public places;
Non-profit organizations–$60; Commercial–$120 per image.

Advertising & Other Non-Editorial Use: Includes commercial film and video production, posters, brochures, post cards, unbound materials, etc. Non-profit organization–$50; Commercial–$100 per image.

Film or Video Use: $100 per minute.

Architectural Drawings: $100 per drawing.


Reproduction Charges

Photographic Prints:

Size                      Price

5 x 7                      $20
8 x 10                    $30
11 x 14                 $40
16 x 20                 $50
20 x 24                 $70
24 x 30                 $100
30 x 40                 $170

Larger reproductions can be done by scanning and printing to paper—Prices available upon request.

*Please note that early photos do not always format into today’s standard sizes. If exact dimensions are required, please advise before you place your order. Please note also that not all of our early photos and negatives are in pristine condition. Digital repair is available for an additional charge.

Film & Video: Varies by type. Prices quoted upon request.

Maps & Architectural Drawings: Drawings need special handling. Costs vary by size, condition of original, and type of reproduction. Prices quoted upon request.

In-House Scans: $30 per image.Scans can be saved to CD or printed. CD: $10; photographic print prices are listed above.

The above prices are subject to change without notice.
For questions or further information, please call Nick Golubov, Research & Curatorial Assistant, at (561) 832-4164 ext.  112 or click here to email him or Debi Murray, Chief Curator, at (561) 832-4164 ext. 105 or click here to email her.