What Visitors have to say about the Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum

Julius Lampert jotted down this little ditty about his visit to the Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum in March 2010.

“The Johnson History Museum”

The Johnson History Museum is for me,
and it is free!

It’s in Palm Beach County, with the best to see,
from A through Z.

Yes siree, The Johnson History Museum,
is for you and me!


Museum Visitor Reviews from 2011
3/30/2011 “A very professional operation that truly stands alone in its field.”
Visitor from Miami Gardens, FL

3/29/2011 “Wonderful and interesting information! A great treasure to Palm
Beach!” Resident from Boynton Beach, FL

3/24/2011 “Splendid museum, thank you.” Visitors from Canada

3/17/2011 “Great visit, we learned a lot. Thank you.” Visitors from East
Providence, RI

3/16/2011 “Informative and very well designed!” Visitor from West Chester, PA

2/26/2011 “Excellent retelling of PBC history!” Resident of Boynton Beach, FL

2/24/2011 “We’ve lived in Palm Beach County since 1985, I absolutely
enjoy…what has become [an] amazing experience here at the
museum!” Resident of West Palm Beach, FL

2/4/2011 “A great museum!” Visitor from Prague, Czech Republic

1/29/2011 “Loved it! Wow!!” Visitor from Juno Isles, FL

1/22/2011 “Well done!” Visitor from Maryland

1/15/2011 “Excited to be here!” Resident from Boca Raton, FL

1/12/2011 “[Museum] gives good history perspective.” Visitor from Saratoga Springs, NY

Museum Visitor Reviews from 2010
10/12/2010 “Exceptional in content [and] presentation.” Residents from Wellington, FL

9/28/2010 “Great place to visit.” Family from Boca Raton, FL

9/24/2010 “Very informative and interesting.” Visitor from Palm City, FL

8/13/2010 “Outstanding! Great explanations.” Visitors from France

8/11/2010 “Very well done!” Family from Wilmington, DE

7/10/2010 “Lots of cool stuff and info! Thanks.” Family, Jupiter, FL

5/29/2010 “Very well organized and informative.” Residents from Vero Beach, FL

4/27/2010 “Great piece of history.” Visitor from Virginia Beach, VA

4/2/2010 “Awesome history of our state and county.” Family from West Palm
Beach, FL

4/2/2010 “We had an excellent time. We love this museum.” Residents from
Royal Palm Beach, FL

1/29/2010 “Very interesting. Nice to know people are preserving history.” Visitor from DeLuca, Roselle, IL


Museum Visitor Reviews from 2009
7/28/2009 “Awesome!,” Resident form Lake Worth, FL

7/28/2009 “One of the best small museums we have visited,” Visitors from North

6/16/2009 “Fabulous,” Visitor from Vero Beach, FL

6/11/2009 “The tour was so interesting, after living in Palm Beach County for 35 years, I thought I’d heard it all. NOT!,” Resident of West Palm Beach

6/4/2009 “Beautiful displays and exhibits—volunteers were very knowledgably
and informative,” Visitor from New York

3/3/2009 “It was very nice, the kids had a great time. Thank you for your
kindness,” a family from Andros Island, Bahamas

2/3/2009 “It was wonderful!,” Visitor from Boynton Beach, FL

1/13/2009 “I really loved it. Thank you.” Resident from West Palm Beach, FL

1/8/2009 “Our docent gave a most interesting talk about every aspect of the
exhibits in the museum. I was very impressed.” Resident of Boca
Raton, FL

1/6/2009 Very nicely presented…all briefly presented, informative,
congratulations for your fine effort!” Visitor from Minnesota

Museum Visitor Reviews from 2008
“Excellent displays and docent, interesting history.” Venetian Isles History Club

“Very well displayed and will recommend it highly to my friends,” Visitor from New
York and Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Way more than interesting,” Visitor from Ocean Ridge, FL

“Very informative—greatly enjoyed visit.” Visitors from North Palm Beach and Wellington, FL

“Spatial definition was executed with great care!!” Visitor from Chicago, IL

“Schools should bring all students!” Visitor from Palm Beach County

“Exhibits and docents breathe life into much of what I’ve read of old Palm Beach—my thanks for that!” Visitor comment from Philadelphia, PA

“Loved the Barefoot Mailman.” Visitor from West Palm Beach, FL

“Absolutely a great museum.” Visitor from Delray Beach, FL

“Really enjoyed all the old photographs.” Visitor from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“A really good experience.” Visitor from Bloomington, IL

“The whole place is ‘SUPER’.” Visitor from Palm Beach County

“Fantastic Job!!!” Visitors from West Palm Beach and Loxahatchee, FL

“Very well done. Congratulations.” Visitor from Palm Beach, FL

“Wonderful and engaging. Make us proud to be a Palm Beach County resident.” Visitor from West Palm Beach, FL

“Very Nice, great job!” Visitor from North Palm Beach, FL

“It’s great – good to see this museum.” Visitor from West Palm Beach, FL

“I was delighted to learn more about Palm Beach County.” Visitor from Delray Beach FL

“We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the museum!” Visitor from Boca Raton, FL

“Loved it! Thank you very much!” Visitor from Palm Beach, FL

“My husband enjoyed reliving his youth. He moved to West Palm Beach in 1955.” Visitor from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Wonderful educational place.” Visitor from Wellington, FL, and Pittsburg, PA.


If you have something to say about your visit to the Johnson History Museum, please email the Curator of Education at rmarconi@historicalsocietypbc.org. 

Thank you for visiting! We hope to see you again!